Advice and Consulting in Medical Informatics

In all these years we have seen that some organizations have their own development teams to meet their IT and technological needs. We have also noticed that the speed of growth or evolution of the business means that these areas have to grow or acquire new skills quickly.

In order to reduce the time needed to go through the learning curve and manage business risks, we created a specific advisory and consulting area to guide and accompany clients with our knowledge and experience.

  •  Improve the process of univocal patient identifications. Create an MPI (Master Patient Index) within the institution's domain, which is also connected to the national patients' federator.
  •  Apply the best policies interoperability standards of GRD, CIE, 9/10, DICOM, HL7 V2/FHIR, SNOMED CT, and others.
  •  Evolve from the EMR (Electronic Medical Record) to the EHR (Electronic Health Record) concept. Mobile phones on the floor units and services.
  •  Implement electronic prescription of drugs and complementary studies. Adjust it to the new regulations.
  •  Manage changes in healthcare teams. Groups with inertia and people with leadership.
  •  Telemedicine projects, telehealth assistance, and second-option consultations. Healthcare portals, dashboards.
  •  Authorization and validation systems of affiliation and benefits.
  •  Artificial intelligence algorithms for CDSS (Clinical Decision Support Systems).
  •  HIMSS certification process.
  •  Advancement of the organization towards the precision medicine model.

This is just an example. We would like to understand your current situation and needs so that together we can discover the best way for you to achieve your goals.