The EHR developed by Softime is centered around the patient, it collects all the information and documentation generated and/or received in the institution.

Like others, Softime recognized that the model defined by Dr. Lawrence Weed in the 60s is the one that best allows the implementation of a dynamic electronic health record solution. . Where to concentrate information from different services and specialties. Where problems group and order all this wealth of information.

The list of problems is open and can be managed by the medical management board of the institution, it can be mapped to a thesaurus or vocabulary to provide greater scientific rigor to the reports.

EHR functionalities:

The EHR will be connected to the clinical processes that the institution has computerized. Thus, it will be fed by daily health management.

It has a built-in statistical tool that allows the management of a vocabulary from which to perform searches and generate sets of results, to support scientific and research work.