Our History

We are a multidisciplined team formed by IT and Health professionals with more than 25 years of experience developing and implementing IT solutions in the Healthcare industry. Our solutions are designed to meet the needs of Clinics, Sanatoriums, Diagnostic Imaging Centers, and Medical Centers.

Through all these years we have formed a professional technical team (IT, doctors, and support) committed to providing services and solutions to both public and private healthcare companies and organizations in the most varied areas of care and preventive care. We have also developed a portfolio of solutions that adapt to the needs of our clients.

We currently serve the diverse needs of more than 30 healthcare institutions, diagnostic imaging centers, clinics, and specialized centers. The challenge of understanding the different needs of each institution is the driving force to evolve and re-invent ourselves day after day.

What is our focus?

To be a reference of knowledge and technology in the healthcare management industry, generating value for both the company and our clients.

Thus, we actively participate in dissemination, training, and investigation alongside HL7 Argentina, MAIS, CAIS, and IRAM.

We understand that medicine is a knowledge-based science that therefore requires a lot of data and whose evolution will follow that path.

What should we do?

Help make healthcare more efficient through management knowledge and technology.

Our focus is to offer healthcare institutions our knowledge and experience in healthcare-applied IT to improve processes, allowing the business to be profitable and of high quality.

What do we envision?

To say that the entire healthcare ecosystem is immersed in a digital transformation is nothing new. But we must not lose sight of the increasing speed at which these changes are taking place. This new ecosystem is enabling us to have real-time information on both health and quality of life, to establish a new model for doctor-patient relationships, and even to prevent disease.

The digitalization of the health sector is already a necessity. The data revolution and the use of Analytics and Big Data have begun to facilitate the processing and analysis of huge amounts of information generated by patients. Their use in the coming years will transform the way we diagnose, allow the personalization of treatments, help identify risk factors, and improve the results and productivity of the health sector.

All companies in the industry must be aware, at a cross-cutting level in all areas, that continuing to invest in digitalization is critical to maintaining competitiveness and that delaying its application means losing competitive advantage.