Softime’s Applications Usage Policies.
Terms and conditions

The following rules on the usage of the ISHM/Web applications (hereinafter Apps) developed and maintained by SIM Service S.A. (hereinafter Softime) apply to its users.

1. Users of the Apps shall be those designated and enabled by the client licensed by Softime for its Apps.
2. Users must only use the User Code assigned to them. They must not use other users’ User Codes without permission. They must not attempt to find out their login details.
3. Users must take the utmost care to keep their password secret.
4. The use of the Apps by the users shall be as specified by Softime’sclient.
5. Users must not change anything on the website or the Apps, upload any viruses, or do anything that may interfere with the way the Apps work.
6. Users must read the Usage Policies and follow them when using the Apps.
7. Users must refrain from doing anything that may affect the way other people use or enjoy the ISHM/Web Apps.
8. Users must not encourage anyone to violate these rules.

Users and Softime’sRights:
1. You have the right to feel safe using Softime’s Apps.
2. The owner of the data manually entered into the Apps is the customer to whom Softime has licensed the use of the Apps.
3. You are responsible for everything you do on the Apps.
4. Although you are responsible for the data you enter into the Apps, Softime may store, use and share this data to meet clients’ needs. Thisinformationincludesyourname, email, and phonenumber.
5. When you cease to be a user of the Apps, we will keep the personal information mentioned before as long as necessary for the proper functioning of the Apps.
6. Neither Softime nor the customer is responsible for:
     a. Other companies' links that may appear in the Apps, even if those were included by Softime.
     b. What may happen if you connect to the Apps from other devices.
     c. The cost of data service is derived from the use of the Apps.
7. Softime is the owner of the data automatically generated by the operation of the Apps.
8. You may not copy, paste, delete, nor attempt to change the logos of Softime, the client, or anything else we have created.
9. We may change or update these rules at any time by announcing an update via email to your email address.

Use of external signals- GPS
The use of external signals to complete Softime’s Apps operation entails understanding and acceptance of the following considerations:
The availability of the service offered in Softime’s Apps depends 100% on the provider that generates the external signal. Therefore, Softime is not responsible if at any given time, the services provided by this external provider are affected by any failure or any cause beyond Softime’s control.
Softime is limited to providing the client with the necessary Apps for a previously agreed sum so that the user can, at any time and by either a PC or mobile phone, see in real-time the location and status of the cell phones to which the Apps have been installed, with the use of GPS. Softime is not responsible for the generation and dissemination of information regarding the location of these devices.

Update: PUAS101.01
Date: 15/10/21