Web Portals

Web portals are a group of tools designed to provide services to the patient, the physician, and the funder (social security, prepaid health plans, etc.) to users outside the organization.

The group is formed by:

  •   Patient portal web

  •   Primary care physician portal

  •   Funder portal

The Patient Web Portal

It’s the answer to the attitude change of patients towards the healthcare process. This new tool allows them a more fluid contact with medical professionals and the institutions where they are treated.

It allows them to manage their time by managing their appointments, consulting their results and tests, and also granting them access to their specific medical information. The patient will feel cared for by an institution that provides modern services of the same technological quality as other fields.

Patients will be able to manage their appointments, cancel them, consult for medical preparations, be notified and informed of their agenda, and receive or consult the results of their studies, which can also be emailed to their doctor.

This service will help you to build patient loyalty, ensuring reliable communication channels.

All the data managed by the Web Portal is integrated into the ISHM database, from where an Invitation Card with a QR access code to reports and images can be generated. This QR can be easily scanned by mobile phones.