ISAM – Integrated System of Administrative Management
(SIGA in Spanish)

The ISAM is integrated into the ISHM. All its modules provide administrative services complementary to health management.

ISAM functionalities

It starts with the registration and accounting of invoices issued to patients and their collection at the time they are admitted for care. It continues with the rendering of the collected values and the invoicing of the benefits to the Funders. Resolves the payment of fee settlements to medical professionals. It manages the accounts receivable (clients) and manages their claims through a planner. It also manages and registers purchases (suppliers), requests budgets, and authorizes and issues payments.

All the administrative processes generate the entries automatically and provide the printing and generation of reports for the legalized books (accounting registry copying). Even the closing, reacting, and opening entries of the accounting period and the inflation adjustment. The reports it generates are those necessary for the copy of the legalized books.