ISHM – Integrated System of Hospital Management
(SIGS in Spanish)

The ISHM (SIGS in Spanish) is a very broad set of modules, ranging from appointment management to pharmacy administration, through the settlement of benefits and fees, and up to the billing of benefits. It serves the needs of the two major healthcare processes: the outpatient and the inpatient processes.

This is the fundamental piece to build HIS, RIS, LIS, or PIS and thus meet different realities and complexities, depending on the institution.

ISHM functionalities

Managing the office and imaging service appointments as well as the floor and therapy beds, the operating room administration, the reception and ward queues, the outpatient and inpatient registration, administrative authorizations with funders, management of studies and their respective reports and images, medication supply and traceability, connection with complementary services, healthcare order flow management and more. All this within a controlled and secure IT environment.

ISHM's main task is to settle the bills and benefits of the medical practice, drugs, and other biomedical materials to the funders (Prepaid health plans, Social Security, and others) or patients. It has powerful tools to manage prices and coverage conditions. It supports the user by informing the requirements and conditions throughout the care and billing processes. It provides an agile scheme for the generation of the Electronic Billing File.

It will have the capacity to produce all the necessary reports to send to healthcare financing companies in digital format through configurable files and the generation of pdf documents.

Developing indicators to measure management and know its evolution. There are indispensable tools when it comes to improving the quality of care and ensuring optimal levels of it.