Solutions for Clinics and Hospitals

This is the widest solution provided by Softime, which is composed of:

ISHM (Integrated System of Healthcare Management)

Integrated with the ISAM (Integrated System of Administrative Management) and the EHR (Electronic Health Record) in its fullest version, it is an integral solution for the principals processes of hospitals.

It is efficient and accurate. From a basic configuration, it allows the institution to undertake a conceptual change in the healthcare process. Softime accompanies the institution throughout the process of change and evolution toward the digital healthcare model.

This solution can be completed with other third-party tools and products for specific areas due to its HL7 interoperability engine.

Be able to integrate imaging, laboratory, and pharmacy services with the core processes (outpatient and inpatient) of the health service. Obtain solid results by implementing your patient enrollment policy and thus, avoiding duplicate records.

Softime can also provide you with other tools such as the Queue Management System for reception or patient care rooms, as well as a wristband identification system, audio transcriptions for reports, and many more.